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Wilderness therapy is one of the most powerful, effective, and exciting interventions for teens in trouble. The wilderness treatment industry is booming with innovative programs and new models continue to be developed. Those behind the scenes know that wilderness field staff are the unsung heroes of this work; they are the fuel that keeps programs running. They realize the visions of founders, and they implement the strategies devised by therapists. However, all too often they do not receive adequate resources. Under increasing demand for services, programs are hard-pressed to keep staff in the field and they struggle to find the time to provide the necessary training for staff to excel. Consequently, field staff may lack confidence to handle the issues with which they are faced, and they often feel overwhelmed, unprepared, and stressed. This ultimately leads to burnout; the average tenure for field staff in the wilderness therapy industry is 3 months!


Clinical First Responder™ Training

This hands-on training is designed specifically for wilderness and residential treatment staff to provide the tools that they need to enhance their performance on the job. This two module course will train staff to recognize a wide variety of psychological issues, to communicate in clinical language with clinicians, and to de-escalate emotional crises to prevent critical incidents. In addition to increasing their skill level, staff will feel supported, empowered, and prepared—ingredients which will improve their effectiveness with their clients.. The Clinical First Responder™ training will help staff become better equipped to handle day to day treatment issues and to respond appropriately to the inevitable crises that occur on the job. The end result is a more competent and confident staff and a more effective and professional program. Moreover, a higher standard of training will lead to increased professionalism and will enhance the reputation of the wilderness and residential treatment industry as credible mental health providers.









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"We have found that staff who work in our field take pride and strength in feeling confident in their skills. There is nothing more demoralizing than working with tough kids, and not having the skills to influence their behavior. Therefore, a training like the Clinical First Responder™ that focuses on how to work with challenging clients can significantly reduce staff burnout and increase staff retention."

Preston B. Cline
Adventure Management Inc.


SUPPORT and EMPOWER your staff
by giving
them the skills they need to
better serve your clients

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