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Necessary training

​I believe this training​ ​should be necessary for anyone in a clinical  position.  The tools provided are extremely helpful and could be beneficial for anyone in and out  of ​the field.  I also think it should be necessary and mandatory to take this training as a wilderness  field guide.  Sandy and Scott have such an amazing wealth of knowledge to share.

Carlie Kraus
New Vision Wilderness / Field Guide

Served many purposes!

At first I was concerned that this training was going to be more geared to wilderness programs and not as helpful for residential programs. I was pleasantly surprised and benefited immensely from the training.  It served many purposes: insight with new and fresh ideas, abundance of tools to bring back for myself and my staff and it provided validation for so much of what I do- and who couldn’t use a little more of that in this work.  Thanks so much!

Gregg Andrick
Cascade Crest Transitions / Program Manager

Extremely valuable

The CFR was extremely valuable and directly applicable to our field and jobs. The instructors’ commitment to the participants’ competency and success was felt throughout the training.  Their inspiration motivates me to not only be a better guide and leader but a better human being.

Russ Shy
New Vision Wilderness / Assistant Field Director


What was taught is invaluable to our front-line staff. As a clinician, I learned several new approaches and ways to better communicate what I’m doing.  It was a fun learning environment that I definitely would want to attend again.  It hits the mark over and over…  I wish all of my colleagues were able to attend—they missed out!

John Raash, M.A.
Ravens Way / Clinical Director

Best Training Ever

This was the single best training that I have ever been to in my 15 year career! The content presented was directly applicable, balanced and well-supported, and the presentation itself was enjoyable, fluent and masterful. Not only would I recommend the CFR to any of my colleagues, I would require it.

Jen Ruben, JD
The Way Home / Founder/Director

Great program!

Great information, great instructors and great program! I would certainly recommend the CFR to anyone working in a therapeutic setting of any kind.

Chad Thatcher, Ph.D.
Southern Oregon University / Professor, Outdoor Adventure Leadership