This program was a huge eye opening experience for a lot of reasons. I forget the powerfulness of simply being in the outdoors and the magic it has. As a therapist I only used the traditional therapy models and did not use what is all around me and my students. I learned more about myself as a person and as a therapist. I think the biggest benefit was the empathy that I gained for my students. The staff and the other therapists attending the WTC were awesome… As I returned, I have used many of the skills that I learned to help my students better understand necessary coping skills to be successful in life.  I am so glad that I attended the WTC and hope for a part II!

Todd Odell, MA, LPC

Increased Aptitude

I have been using many of the activities which were demonstrated during the Wilderness as Co-Therapist training.  Since returning I have noticed an increased aptitude for finding interventions and initiatives right under my feet.  This new insight has helped me to be a more spontaneous and creative therapist.  The training helped me to be more confident in trying out-of-the-box interventions and therefore has allowed the students and families I work with to have a more unique wilderness experience.  I would recommend this training to anyone interested in increasing their awareness of and confidence in using wilderness as a therapeutic intervention.

Ken Murphy, MC, CPCI


Every moment of Wilderness as Co-Therapist was enlightening. Perhaps the best thing was that I was taught how to utilize wilderness as therapeutic tool only after experiencing the interventions myself. This not only increased my effectiveness in providing similar interventions to my clients but it also enhanced my own confidence and faith in the work we do…  As wilderness therapists we have a responsibility to strengthen our own relationships with the wilderness, to collaborate with other clinicians in our field and to learn how to clearly translate traditional psychotherapy into the outdoor settings we utilize. All of this was accomplished during out time together. I’d highly recommend this experience to any wilderness therapist.

Melissa Cacialli, MA, LPC

Invaluable tool

This training is an invaluable tool for anyone working in the adventure therapy industry…I know this training will help me feel more competent to do a job I love.  Both Scott and Sandy brought their expertise, experience and overall practice to the course and made us feel better equipped to head back to the field.

Jenny Taylor
Outback Therapeutic Expeditions / Staff Mentor

Excited to share!

I am so excited to share information and ideas that I received from this training.  I am going to highly recommend that all of our Head Staff attend the CFR!

McKenzie Bauer

Renewed passion

Very beneficial regardless of experience level in the field.  Information can be applied at any level and/or facility…Thank you for a renewed passion to teach others, increase my own knowledge and expertise, and
most importantly, elicit change in ‘unchangeable’ youth.

Stephen Royer

Will challenge you

This training is so informational and will challenge you in a very professional way.  No matter how much previous training you have, you will gain self awareness and acquire tools to add to your tool belt: an awesome experience!

Archie Hamilton

Do it!

Do it!  I learned so much about myself and my profession…The expertise exhibited by the trainers is enough to gain an abundant amount of confidence.  I’m very thankful for the opportunity and for the people who put such a useful training together.

Brendan Parker
Wingate Wilderness Therapy / Field Guide

Highly recommended

The CFR is a great training to gain a deeper and wider understanding of how, when and why we do what we do in wilderness therapy.  It offers theory as well as practice to increase staff’s understanding of the therapeutic aspect of the program.  I would highly recommend it.

Roberto Lara
Evoke / Senior Field Instructor

Many New Skills

The CFR training gave me a framework to apply the skills I already had, plus many new skills, in a more intentional and effective way.

Thor Jones
Trails Carolina / Field Supervisor

More Prepared

This training is helpful to anyone working with and caring for youth- especially in the outdoors. The theory and skills provided have made me feel more prepared and better equipped for the work I do.

Megan Miller
Crofton School, Vancouver BC / Outdoor Program Director

Most helpful

The scenarios, initiatives and discussions were most helpful.  The training provided easy to recall acronyms and phrases that make complex clinical topics more useable in the moment.  CFR has been an enormous help in adding depth, breadth and sophistication to my skills as a guide.  Reinvigorating!

Rachel Bisker
Trails Carolina / Field Director

Practical & Informative

One of the most practical and informative trainings I have ever attended.  The instructors delivered the content in a very expert and accessible manner.  I enjoyed the combination of the lecture style entwined with experiential initiatives and practice sessions (i.e., scenarios) that really helped solidify the knowledge learned- excellent program and facilitators.

Lisa Dixon, CADC
Wisdom Heart Recovery Services / Founder