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February 16-18, 2021

(CFR I not a prerequisite)

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Tony Mosier, LMFT
Chief Operating Officer, Telos
President, National Assoc of Therapeutic Schools & Programs

“CFR is a world-class training experience that fills in the inevitable gaps in every organization’s training regime. Investing in your staff at this level will decrease risk, increase healing and lower turnover, thus, paying for itself many times over. As the saying goes, 'you don’t know what you don’t know.'

“As a 25 year veteran in the field, I was shocked and delighted by just how important this foundational, return-to-basics training was to me. If all of my staff were CFR certified, I would have the best trained staff in the industry.”

Direct Care Staff

SUPPORT and EMPOWER your staff with hands-on training to develop the skills they need to best serve your clients.

Expert Instruction

CFR certified trainings are co-facilitated by Dr. Sandy Newes and Dr. Scott Bandoroff, who collectively have over fifty years clinical experience.

The Dilemma

The therapeutic industry continues to thrive, offering innovative programming supported by sophisticated research, and new models of intervention are constantly being explored. Direct care staff are the unsung heroes of this work, realizing the visions of founders and implementing strategies devised by clinicians.

The Dilemma Clinical Treatment Training

Unfortunately, staff frequently report that they do not have the level of training they need to feel confident and competent in meeting the challenges of this demanding work while also understanding the underlying therapeutic process.

Under pressure to provide quality treatment within budgetary constraints, it can be challenging to carve out time and resources to provide training necessary for staff to excel. Consequently, staff often feel overwhelmed, underprepared, and stressed. This contributes to burnout, causing many staff to leave the field prematurely. Talented staff leaving the field takes a heavy toll—students, programs and colleagues all suffer.

The solution


The CFR Training is Uniquely Designed for Staff Working in Wilderness Therapy, Therapeutic Schools and Other Treatment Settings.

The Goal of CFR is to provide staff with tools to increase their effectiveness in facilitating positive outcomes for clients, while supporting them to work more effectively as valued members of a treatment team.

CFRI and CFR II both offer 4- days of action-packed training, loaded with relevant information and hands-on practice that help staff to become more effective at:

Teaching Pic

Along with improving their therapeutic skill set, staff will feel supported, empowered, and prepared—factors that enhance performance and improve staff retention. CFR Certified trainings also prepare staff to more effectively handle day-to-day treatment issues and to respond to the inevitable crises that occur. The end result is a more competent, confident, and inspired staff – resulting in a more successful and well respected program.

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    What We Provide

    Our CERTIFIED Courses

    CFR Module 1

    Clinical First Responder™ Course

    4 Day Course

    • Professional Development / Community building
    • Theories of Change
    • Clinical Assessment & Diagnosis Assessment Tools
    • Suicidality, Self Injury, Crisis Intervention...
    See Full Curriculum

    CFR Module 2

    Clinical First Responder™ Course

    4 Day Course

    • Adventure Facilitation
    • Motivational Interviewing Substance Abuse & Addiction
    • Trauma
    • Group Dynamics & Facilitation and more...
    See Full Curriculum

    CFA Certification

    Clinical First Aid™ Course

    4 Day Course

    • Professional Development / Adventure Facilitation
    • Human Development
    • Community Resilience Model
    • Goals of Misbehavior Boundaries and more...
    See Full Curriculum

    Customized Training

    Custom Program Consultations for your Organization

    • Bring the Clinical First Responder™ or Clinical First Aid™ training to your organization.
    • We offer on-site, customized training programs.
    • Contact us to see how we can best meet your training goals.

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    Upcoming Courses

    Feb 16th - Feb 18th 2022
    Virtual Training, Online

    (CFR I not a prerequisite)

    Mar 17th - Mar 19th 2022
    Virtual Training, Online
    Apr 28th - Apr 30th 2022
    Virtual Training, Online

    (CFR I not a prerequisite)

    What Our Participants Have to Say


    Great program!

    Great information, great instructors and great program! I would certainly recommend the CFR to anyone working in a therapeutic setting of any kind.

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    We are so confident that you will find our certified courses to be an excellent use of your time and money that we will fully refund your tuition if you are not completely satisfied!

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      Student Clinical Training

      CFR I, CFR II, and CFA each consist of 4 days of action-packed training, loaded with relevant information and hands-on practice designed to help staff to be more effective by:

      • Being more intentional in choosing interventions
      • Improving communication with clinical staff
      • De-escalating emotional crises to prevent critical incidents
      • Possessing a better understanding of underlying issues triggering behavior
      • Exhibiting greater flexibility in the application of skills and knowledge