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Demystifying Wilderness Therapy Podcasts:

Episode 26: Dr. Sandy Newes, Founder of Clear View Psychological Services

Dr. Sandy Newes is a researcher, practitioner and trainer in the wilderness therapy. She has been active in the field for over twenty years and currently provides psychological testing for participants in wilderness therapy programs as well as training services for guide staff via Peak Performance Training which she co-founded. Sandy shares her journey into the field from her travels around the country to working on her doctorate degree at Penn State in which she had to educate her psychology professors on what wilderness therapy is.  

Episode 78: Dr. Scott Bandoroff, Peak Experience Training

Dr. Scott Bandoroff is the founder of Peak Experience Training, which provides the Clinical First Responder Certification for those working in the field.  Scott has worked in the field since the 1980s.  Scott was a field guide at SUWS, where he researched family dynamics while working on his doctoral dissertation. Scott shares his thirty-year journey from being a field guide to a clinician and developing the Clinical First Responder. He shares his concerns about the future and the challenges of COVID-19.

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