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Faculty Dr Scott Bandoroff PsychologistScott Bandoroff, Ph.D. is a Psychologist with over 30 years of experience in the use of adventure therapy for the treatment of teens and families. In addition to his clinical work in his private practice in Ashland, Oregon, he has served as an internship training director, clinical supervisor, consultant and trainer.

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Scott began his career as a wilderness treatment program field guide where he became interested in integrating family interventions into wilderness therapy. This served as a catalyst for his dissertation research where he developed a wilderness family therapy program in 1990. He went on to publish and present extensively, and is a recognized authority in the field. 

His experience as field guide motivated Scott to advocate for more training for direct care staff, leading to the development of the Clinical First Responder Training.  He has been facilitating CFR trainings for nearly 20 years and has drawn an array of experts in the field to teach with him.

Scott has provided consultation and training to schools, mental health agencies, juvenile justice departments, residential treatment centers, and wilderness treatment programs. He offers Family Intensives for families interested in a wilderness therapy experience. Scott continues to enjoy backcountry skiing, backpacking, biking, and outdoor pursuits of all kinds.  He can often be found in the backcountry with his son, Ari.

“Dr. Scott Bandoroff is one of the few clinical psychologists in the U. S. who has focused on outdoor experiential therapies from his dissertation through his professional career. His knowledge of the practical and intellectual aspects of “wilderness therapy” is not exceeded by any psychologist I have met in this field during the last 15 years. Myself and my organization have personally benefited from his work.”

—L. Jay Mitchell, JD, Founder of The SUWS Adolescent Program and the Alldredge Academy